This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Assoto Sounds


Uuups, something went wrong :(


  1. why that?

  2. nice 9ties rap mix. props.

  3. Almost 5 hours of laid-back working pleasure, love it!

  4. wh ats the name of track @ 14:30 to 16?

  5. i love you, i want you to be my man bride.. your music makes me cum like a bull..

  6. please -gargle, then rinse.

  7. hey iinis..

    the track is from mystic and is called ”that’s righ” (goodvibe rec’s) …



  8. Thanks for the track info! This is iinis. somehow i forgot the password for it. i had to make up a new account…..

    your new set is awesome!

  9. Dis da smoov hairy1need for maxi-groove hot tub thing…
    Thanks agin BetaLounge, for mos respeck!

  10. another sick mix

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