This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Sticky Dojah, DJ Comixxx


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  1. This is the best mix inna da world!

  2. What´s that Song at 17:40min???

  3. It’s a track by a Belgian singer called Lieven, produced by Marc Moulin of Placebo fame….

  4. What’s the track at 1:43:10. Damn good….only 1 minute of that kick ass voice though!


  5. digging the grooves

    DJ Comixxx is a bIT LOUD AT SPONtaneous times.

    wicked musical mix. good luck boys

  6. Yeahr, Thanks guys.. The dope track at 1.43 is from “flying Lotus” – Tea Leaf Dancers .. keep om Baunzing…//com.

  7. Hey stickydojah,

    Did you mean Lieven Tavenier with that track at 17,40?


  8. I think thats his full name yeah. It’s on a s/t Lp…

  9. Banging mix – nice!

  10. so far the best set this year on the lounge.

  11. does anybody know what album the J dilla track is from @ 7:30min….

  12. Hi there Franco,

    this track is a tribute track to Dilla by DJ Spinna, it\’s a 7inch only release on a label called Cult 45!

  13. Yes, Yes Yall.
    Great mix ,keep it up,
    check out
    nuff said.

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