This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Philarmonix, Marino Berardi


Uuups, something went wrong :(

PHILARMONIX aka DAIRMOUNT (Room With A View/Belgium)
MARINO BERARDI (Room With A View/Italy)


  1. The Real Audio link for this doesn\’t seem to be working.

  2. it\’s fixed and working

  3. 3hrs 26mins so far and everything is cool

  4. hey guys need the first track, any help? that\’s a nice one.

  5. tracklist on this one??? Please?? Nice job, once again!

  6. Diggin it – Would love track info! Thanks a lot for the groove.

  7. That first trask i freaking amazing!! Does anyone know title / artist?

  8. nice set! really enjoyed it!

    01:15:20 Does anyone know title /

  9. Warm, and wonderful.

    This is a tall order, but I\’m hoping for track IDs at:

    15 min
    27 min **
    1 hr 34 min
    1 hr 39 min
    1 hr 49 min
    2 hr 47 min **
    3 hr 55 min **



  10. Lovely…Sweet sounds

  11. Wonderful sound…! Very nice!

  12. …wow; very nice sound…

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