This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

End Of The Year Bash 2010


CONSTANTIN GROLL (I Feel This) DIONNE (Smallville) EUROKAI (liebe*detail) LOVEBIRDS (Lovebirds) MATT MORODER (Little Leaf) NICO PALERMO (Beta Lounge) PAULO OLARTE (Fresh Fish) PHUONG DAN (Gatto Musculoso) RALF 10/100 (Rose) SEAN KIRBY (Popular & Contemporary Music) SLIM SCHLÜDY (Up Jump The Boogie) VADDEX (Beta Lounge / I Feel This)


  1. Nice one. I always love these end of the year shows.

    If anyone has track IDs at 1 hr 10 minutes, that’d be swell!

    Love and Peace,



  3. hi there,

    whats the track at 12:58?

  4. 00:51:00 Nicolas Jaar – Angels from Marks & Angels (Circus Company / CCS048)

    01:10:00 Steffi – Reasons from Reasons EP (Underground Quality / UQ034)

    01:35:00 Gerd – Friendly Fire from Friendly Fire (Royal Oak / Royal003)

    And again, great selection!!!

  5. @ prettypark: please get in contact with me, palermo(at), thx!

  6. helloooo
    same start as last year-hopes its as wicked.

  7. has a great saturday morning feel to it, thanks.


  8. That Gilles Peterson intervention at 15 min was very weird. Did you just mixed an excerpt from his show?

  9. i am riding my new bicycle – enjoy the nature and shining stars at night – and love the betalounge again and again… got no words for this fabolous recordings, if its years ago or from yesterday. Schanzedön!

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