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Burnt Friedman, Pole [DJ], Kit Clayton live @ Sonar 2000


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  1. This archive is one of my absolute favorites. Burnt Friedman & Pole & Kit Clayton absolutely rok. Another betalounge masterpiece with sonar village as the backdrop. Organic , spontaneous, quality.
    respekts to the lounge.

  2. i have to second that …. burnt friedman for president !!

  3. …ahem…and an honorable mention to pole.

  4. beautiful set..

    anyone have the tracklisting for the reggae tracks?


  5. Hi,

    For the dude who would like the track listings, I know of (working for the rentman, Wackies), a true killer. However, my knowledge lies more in the electronic side. For the others, If you don’t have any luck, I’ll get my mate who’s clued-up on all reggie to obtain the names etc. One last thing, a truly awsome session by the highly talented producers / dj’s. One of the best you’ll here on Betalounge.



  6. who’s reggie?

  7. bernd rules

  8. thank you beta lounge… burnt, pole, kit, sonar and the universe

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